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M-150 Energy Drink - 150ml

M-150 combines the sleekness of a glass reseal able bottle and a non-carbonated delicious taste, ...

M-150 combines the sleekness of a glass reseal able bottle and a non-carbonated delicious taste, giving the consumer more energy when they need it most.

M-150 has been developed by the largest pharmaceutical company in Thailand, Osotspa International Co. Ltd. It has been sold for over four decades.

M-150 is the quick and easy way to stimulate your central nervous system, whenever you are mentally or physically tired. Whether you need to study for an exam, be fresh in the morning after a heavy night out on the town, or need perking up for a long drive ahead of you, M-150 has got what it takes.

M-150 increases reaction speed, improves concentration, adds strength, and prolongs stamina for maintaining high performance. M-150 is easily the single most effective functional drink on today's market.

Caffeine is a central nervous system and metabolic stimulant, and it is used to reduce physical fatigue and restore mental alertness. Thus, it maintains wakefulness and increases alertness and motor activity.

In the countries of the East, particularly Japan, science has recognised for decades that the administration of taurine, an amino acid that the human body generates itself, significantly enhances the activity of the brain, leading to improved mental performance and in particular to higher achievements when learning.

The healthy cocktail of B-vitamins are good in themselves together with other ingredients like inositol they become particularly useful in enhancing the effect of the caffeine contained in M-150. The vitamin B's that are present have a stimulating effect and facilitate the function of the nervous system.

It has been established that the ingestion of a carbohydrates-containing beverage during exercise can maintain blood glucose levels, and the required carbohydrate oxidation, to sustain high-intensity exercise performance. Sucrose is an easily assimilated macronutrient that provides a quick source of energy to the body, provoking a rapid rise in blood glucose upon ingestion.

Product of Thailand.

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