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Gurley's Dad's Root Beer Barrels - 2.75oz (78g)

Gurley's Foods is a company known for its wide range of candy and nut pro...
Gurley's Foods is a company known for its wide range of candy and nut products. Founded in 1953, this family-owned business has been providing sweet delights and treats to countless individuals, ensuring consistent quality throughout the years.

Gurley's Dad's Root Beer Barrels are a nostalgic nod to a classic favourite. These candies encapsulate the timeless essence of root beer, transforming the familiar fizzy beverage into a sweet, long-lasting hard candy. Every barrel-shaped treat captures the signature flavour profile of Dad's Root Beer, a blend of wintergreen, liquorice, and vanilla. The amber-hued candies shimmer with a glossy finish, enticing anyone looking for a sweet treat with a throwback vibe. Beyond just being a candy, these root beer barrels are an experience. The slow-melting nature of the hard candy prolongs the pleasure of the root beer essence, making it a perfect candy choice for moments of relaxation or reminiscing about simpler times. Gurley's commitment to quality shines through in these candies, ensuring that each piece offers an authentic taste of a beloved classic.

Ingredients/Nutrition: See 2nd image

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