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Lindt Excellence Dark Raspberry Intense Chocolate Bar - 3.52oz (100g)

Experience EXCELLENCE with our Master Chocolatiers exquisite Lindt EXCELLENC...
Experience EXCELLENCE with our Master Chocolatiers exquisite Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Raspberry Intense Bar. Discover an exquisite blend of intense dark chocolate, delicately sprinkled with sweet, fruity dried raspberry pieces, expertly crafted into a luxurious chocolate bar. Delight in the smooth texture, deep colour, rich aroma and satisfying crisp snap of the exceptionally thin diamonds, before finally indulging in the intense symphony of cocoa flavours as the silky dark chocolate melts on the tongue.

This product contains less than 20 mg/kg gluten and is gluten free according to UK and EU regulations.


Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, anhydrous MILK fat, freeze-dried raspberries 2%, emulsifier (SOYA lecithin), natural flavour,flavouring,

Allergens: May contain SESAME SEEDS and NUTS
Cocoa Solids %: Dark chocolate contains: Cocoa solids : 47% min.


Per 100g:Energy (kJ) 2182 Energy (Kcal) 522 Fat(g) 31 - of which saturates(g) 18 Carbohydrate(g) 51 - of which sugars(g) 49 Protein(g) 5.2 Salt(g) 0.09 

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