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Lindt Lindor Matcha White Chocolate Truffles (SINGLE)

Experience the ultimate white chocolate indulgence with Lindt LINDOR Matcha...
Experience the ultimate white chocolate indulgence with Lindt LINDOR Matcha White Chocolate Truffles. Surprise someone special with a white chocolate candy gift or share one of these Lindt LINDOR chocolate truffles as a sweet, indulgent after-dinner treat. With a delicate white chocolate shell and a luscious, smooth melting matcha truffle center, this truffle proves that white chocolate has never been so creamy and indulgent. When you break the shell, the truffle's smooth, luscious center begins to melt and so will you. These individually wrapped chocolates come in a large box, making it easy to grab one for yourself or share with others. Lindt chocolate embodies the passion and expert craftsmanship of Lindt Master Chocolatiers for a luscious and rewarding chocolate experience. Made to Melt You. Anytime. Anywhere.


white chocolate [sugar, cocoa butter (MILK), MILK, lactose (MILK), SOY lecithin (E322) (emulsifier), vanillin (artificial flavoring)], vegetable oil (cocoNUT, palm kernel), sugar, cocoa butter (MILK), MILK, lactose (MILK), green tea matcha powder, SOY lecithin (E322) (emulsifier), artificial flavor.


Per/Serving Size Per 3 Balls
ENERGY (kj) 1004.16
ENERGY (kcal) 240
Fat (g) 18
- of which saturates (g) 13.5
Carbohydrates (g) 18
- of which sugars (g) 16.5
Fibre (g) 0
Protein (g) 1.5
Salt (mg) 22.5

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