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Lotte Choco Pie Black Sugar Milk Tea Flavour Single (Korea) - 1oz (28g)

Choco-Pie Black Sugar Milk Tea Flavor is a Korean Choco Pie product with an authent...

Choco-Pie Black Sugar Milk Tea Flavor is a Korean Choco Pie product with an authentic green tea flavour sponge, marshmallow filling and attractive sweet chocolate! Choco-pie is a famous cake brand in Asia with a variety of delicious chocolate-based chocolate cakes with sweet marshmallow filling.


Wheat flour, sugar, corn starch syrup, vegetable oil (processed oil (palm kernel oil, palm stearin oil, hydrogenated palm stearin oil, glycerol esters of fatty acids, antioxidant E307), shortening (processed oil (palm) kernel oil, palm oil, palm sterol oil), palm oil, beef tallow, palm sterol oil, soylecithin, Antioxidant E307), Black sugar syrup (treacle, sugar syrup, sugar, corn starch syrup, raw sugar, black sugar , pectin, locust bean gum, malic acid, glucono-lactone trisodium citrate dibasic calcium phosphate, artificial flavor), cocoa preparation (wholemilk powder, cocoa mass), cocoa powder, Contains or little: Brown sugar, humectant E420, glycerin blendmilk powder (wholemilk powder, whey permeate), ethanol, lactose, liquid from whole eggsrn, glucose, gelatin, acidity regulators (sodium bicarbonate, armonium bicarbonate, monobasic calcium phosphate), salt, cocoa mass, artificial flavors? Emulsifiers (soylecithin, glycerol esters of fatty acids), black tea powder, mixed formulation (stabilizer E469, acidity regulator E526, thickener E414), vanillin, thickener E415, peanut cube, almond powder.


Per/Serving Size 28g
ENERGY (kj) 502.08
ENERGY (kcal) 120
Fat (g) 5
 - of which saturates (g) 3
Carbohydrates (g) 19
 - of which sugars (g) 10
Fibre (g) <1
Protein (g) 1
Salt (mg) 70

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