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Marabou Twist Swedish Chocolate Mix (Swedish)

Marabou Twist was launched in the 60s when everyone twisted loose for the Beatles! The true test ...

Marabou Twist was launched in the 60s when everyone twisted loose for the Beatles! The true test of friendship is whether you can share a bag of Twist without getting TWISTED about the same pieces! The bag contains everything from Chocolate Toffee, Caramel and Nougatcrisp to Japp, Golden Toffee, Daim and Liquorice - all Swedish classics!

You may have tried Swedish sweets, but have you tried their chocolate?! If not, get ready - it's just as good!

Please note that this is a random assortment. We cannot always guarantee that you'll receive every type/piece in your bag.


Sugar, glucose syrup, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugared condensed SKIMMED MILK, vegetable fat, milk powder, SKIMMED MILK POWDER, coconut, ALMONDS, whey powder, BUTTER OIL, hardened vegetable oil, HAZELNUTS, stabilizer, sorghum powder E476), BUTTER, milk sugar, honey, low fat cocoa, wheat crisp (rice, wheat germ, wheat starch, sugar, barley, oats, salt), salt, licorice, barley malt extract, aromas, dye (E153), EGG WHITE, acidity regulators E330, E331), preservative (potassium sorbate), alcohol, invertase, leavening agent (E501).

Per 100 grams -

Energy 1960 kj / 468 kcal
Fat 21 g

- there of saturated fat

12 g


- there of sugars

66 g

54 g

Fibers 2 g
Protein 3,7 g
Salt 0,32 g


All sweets are stored, handled and packaged in/around the same areas, so we cannot guarantee that any sweets are truly free from all allergens due to the risk of cross-contamination. If your allergy is so severe that cross-contamination poses a real risk for you then we would highly recommend that you first email us before placing your order.

On the odd occasion, a sweet's ingredients and/or nutrition may vary due to supply and how quickly we sell stock! So if you have any dietary requirements, allergies or other questions regarding ingredients or allergens, please email us on! Then we can be sure you get all the information you need to order with peace of mind!

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