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Vidal Fashion Tattoo Bubble Gum - 0.17oz (5g)

Get 2 treats in 1 with Vidal Fashion Tattoo Bubble Gum.This classic strawberry flavour chewin...

Get 2 treats in 1 with Vidal Fashion Tattoo Bubble Gum.

This classic strawberry flavour chewing gum hides a fun surprise! Take off the wrapper and you'll find the strawberry gum but also a small temporary tattoo!

There's over 50 designs to collect. Can you get them all?

This listing is for one bubble gum!


 MILK confectionery coating (sugar, palm kernel and palm oil, cocoa powder, whey (MILK) powder, non-fat MILK powder, SOY lecithin (E322) (an emulsifier), vanilla); marshmallow flavoured centre (WHEAT flour, fully hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm kernel, palm and Soybean), confectioner sugar (sugar, corn starch); graham bits (sugar, WHEAT flour, canola oil, WHEAT starch, cinnamon, honey, natural flavour, salt, E150, and E100(ii)), water corn syrup, fructose, palm oil, E171, SOY lecithin (E322), natural and artificial flavours, salt, and E415), artificial flavouring. 

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